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Attorney Brian White conducts cross-examination of a defendant driver in an MVA case. The defendant (a CEO of a tech company) was driving for over a block in the center turning lane on his way to a liquor store when he encountered a white SUV head-on who was properly using the turning lane in an attempt to turn left into a driveway. The defendant driver falsely claimed he had just entered the turning lane. He testified that he was about to turn left when the white SUV rapidly approached head-on. In order to avoid a collision with the SUV that he claimed was improperly using the turning lane, he veered to the right and ran our client’s off the road. This cross-examination demonstrates how to handle and dismantle an untrue story brought by an intelligent deponent. The clip is 18 minutes long and contains proper set up allowing the witness to give as big of a lie as possible. After the witness is allowed to give his story blaming the white SUV (and failing to take responsibility for the crash), his story is impeached. A key point to watch is the witness’s change in body language and glances at his lawyer when he realizes he’s been caught. Lying in depositions is not a good idea. If you involved in a crash with someone falsely claiming that it’s your fault, hire a skilled and prepared lawyer who will fight for you.

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